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    Your password must...
  • Be at least 6 characters long;
  • Have at least one special character   
                                                                        ( ! @ $ % ^ & * - + ? );
  • Have at least one alpha character;
  • Have at least one numeric character.
  • Be changed every 6 months

    Passwords are case sensitive and can be updated at anytime under “Preferences"once
    you login to Aggie.  If you enter your password incorrectly too many times, you will be
    locked out of your account.  Use the contact us section of the web page and we will unlock
    your account.  Your member number can be found on your statement from the credit
    union or any other documents you receive from our office.  If you are using the number off
    of the bottom of your checks, drop the last digit.

             Didn't Find What You Needed?
     Give us a call (480)-963-5661 or shoot us an email at info@santancu.org
We do business in accordance
With the Federal Fair Housing
Laws and the Equal Credit
Opportunity Act.
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As of May 11, 2015, the online banking product is not compatible with Windows XP
or Vista machines using Internet Explorer.  If you are using Vista or Windows XP,
you must use Chrome of Firefox as a browser.
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