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Auto Loans

With low rates and terms up to 84 months on new and used autos San Tan CU has the financing you need.

Research vehicles that you want with available options. STCU also offers financing for recreational vehicles including Motorhomes, RV’s, Boats, camping Trailers & motorcycles.

Click here to learn about Guaranteed Asset Protection and Mechanical
Repair Coverage available through San Tan CU.

Credit Cards

A San Tan CU Visa, With no annual fee, is the perfect card for convenience and purchasing flexibility. Transfer your balances from other high rate cards and start earning the benefit of our low 9.9% APR, 25 day grace period and no cash advance or balance transfer fees. Access your Visa Credit Card account online, 24 hours a day by clicking on the Visa logo.

Cash Loans - No Credit Score Requirements

Cash Loans with no credit score requirements.

Save time and money with a low-cost loan from San Tan CU. From education to vacation, we can help. Download our easy application here


If you need cash for home improvement, a vacation,unexpected expenses
or other reasons, a San Tan CU personal loan may be the perfect solution.

Terms available up to 48 months.

Other Loan Products

Share Covered- Borrow against your own money. Rates as low as 2% over the the share rate.

Overdraft Line of Credit- Overdraft protection for your checking account to use when you need it. A line of credit helps you avoid costly overdraft fees. Only pay for the amount you borrow, pay off any time without a penalty.