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Great News...It's Official!

Our merger with First Credit Union is effective September 1st!

The San Tan team and First Credit Union Welcome team are working hard to make sure this transition will be smooth and easy. First Credit Union is excited and honored to bring San Tan members into the family.

Why Are We Merging?

After careful consideration, STCU’s Board of Directors decided that it is in the best long-term interest of their members and staff to seek a partner to merge with. While STCU remains financially strong, the opportunities and efficiencies available to us by merging with a larger credit union are clear.

When STCU and First Credit Union began talking, we saw that our products and services were complementary to each other, but as important was that our cultures of putting members first and striving to make our members’ financial futures better were totally in sync. Like STCU which was founded 67 years ago in the Valley, First Credit Union has a long history in Arizona – they were founded in 1929! This shared history serving Arizonans for decades is a point of great pride for both credit unions.

As a combined credit union under the First Credit Union name, we will be able to offer more services and more convenience to you. Plus, with a larger membership, combined deposits and capital base, we can better maneuver through the many changes the financial industry is experiencing due to government regulations, new technology options and more.

Meet First Credit Union

We are excited to help you get to know First Credit Union. Founded in 1929 they were the first credit union in the state of Arizona!

Their corporate headquarters are located in downtown Chandler. First Credit Union shares Arizona heritage and they’re proud to partner with STCU. They put members first and offer many great educational and financial resources. 

Learn more about their story here.

What Are the Benefits to Our Members?

  • Convenience: First Credit Union has 8 convenient locations across the Phoenix and Tucson metros areas for members to do in-person business.
  • Expanded/Improved products and services: Additional products and services will be available for STCU members like larger spending limits on debit cards, Zelle and Health Saving Accounts.
  • Member service: Combining STCU and First Credit Union’s talented staff will create significant knowledge and capabilities far beyond what could be done separately.
  • More competitive loan and deposit rates: By taking advantage of economies of scale on operating expenses, we can pass those savings along to members through higher dividends, lower loan rates and reduced fees.
  • Education funding opportunities: Members may apply to the First Credit Union College Scholarship Program and Youth Financial Education Grant programs.
  • Employee Opportunities: More employee career growth opportunities, training resources and competitive employee benefits as part of a larger organization.

What's Next?

The merger was approved during our vote and became official on September 1st, 2022. Our branch will be closing on Friday, December 30th, 2022. Expanded services will be offered soon at First Credit Union’s branch in Chandler, AZ.

We understand that you may have many questions about how this merger will affect you and your money. Please be assured that your money and investments continue to be safe with STCU and will be safe as we transition your account(s) to First Credit Union.

Your trust and financial well-being continue to guide every decision we make. Whether you have been an STCU member since 1955 or joined last month, you are our number one priority. We are 100% confident that this merger with First Credit Union will be advantageous for you!

Merger Timeline

Sept 1st
Official Merger
Merger is Official!
By Dec 15th
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Please verify that we have your current contact info to ensure you receive your new debit card. Update here.

Dec 30th
Branch Updates
Our Branch is Closing Soon

The last day for services at our office location in Chandler will be December 30th, 2022.

Expanded services at First Credit Union's location will be available soon! 

25 S Arizona Place, Chandler, AZ 85225

Feb - Mar 2023
Merger Completion
Your First Credit Union Account is Official

Your First Credit Union debit card will arrive.

Your accounts will be securely established with us and your San Tan Credit Union debit cards will no longer work.

Yes, the continuing credit union’s name will be First Credit Union.

With our member’s vote of approval to merge with First Credit Union, the merger became effective on September 1, 2022.

No, it is not a requirement of the acquiring credit union to seek a vote from its members.

No, we do not anticipate any interruptions in service for your accounts. We will work with First Credit Union to seamlessly transition your accounts from STCU to First Credit Union in Feb/March 2023.

In the short term, members of both credit unions would experience no impact to their accounts or account numbers. We will work to ensure a seamless integration, so you should not see any effect on your accounts. We will eventually convert STCU members to First Credit Union’s operating system, but this will not occur until a later date, following an integration review and regulatory approval. We will provide additional information about that process once the merger is approved.

Some STCU members may have an adjustment made to their account numbers to avoid duplicating existing First Credit Union account numbers. Yes, eventually your account numbers will change once the integration is completed.

You will receive a new debit card from First Credit Union. We will provide a separate mailing to communicate the process of transitioning from your existing card to your new First Credit Union Debit Card.

No, you will not have to do anything. This will be something that is handled by the credit union on your behalf.

Once the merger takes place, First Credit Union will have “ownership” of the STCU routing number. In other words, the Federal Reserve will know that STCU items need to come to First Credit Union. Eventually, the combined credit union will use only the First Credit Union routing number as we gradually make the necessary changes behind the scenes. We will discontinue using the STCU routing number for all new check orders, ACH and wires, we will keep you posted when that is effective.

First Credit Union has 8 branches located in: Tempe, Chandler, Ocotillo, Goodyear, Phoenix, Glendale, and Tucson.

All loans will be automatically transferred to First Credit Union. All terms of your loan will be honored.

No, you have a contract and the rate and terms you have as a STCU member will be honored for the term of that loan.

No, both credit unions continue to achieve growth and success independently; however, the Boards of Directors of both credit unions see how joining forces to create a larger institution can create more efficiencies and resources.

First Credit Union offers membership to people who live, work, and worship within a ten-mile radius of any First Credit Union branch. Their field of membership also includes:

  • Immediate Family Members of a First Credit Union members including spouses, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, step-children, step-parents, step-siblings and adopted children, even if not living in the same residence
  • Household Members who are a permanent member of and participate in the maintenance of the household (i.e., two people sharing an apartment) of a First Credit Union member
  • Employees & Retirees from any of our business partners or select employer groups, even if retired from another state
  • Member Referrals from any current First Credit Union member in good standing

You can visit to learn more about all the products and services that First Credit Union offers!