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Checking Accounts

We offer checking accounts with checks and Visa Debit
cards, making carrying large amounts of cash around a
thing of the past.  We also offer an alternative checking
account for those members looking to build their credit!

Our Visa debit card is the perfect companion to our
checking account thats easy and eliminates the need to
carry a checkbook or large amounts of cash with you

Online Banking

Aggie is at your service 24 hours a day.  You can view your accounts anytime, not just during our hours of operation.  You can check your balance, view transaction records, transfer money between accounts and communicate With Aggie via e-mail.  Aggie is a FREE service to our members and allows you to bank from anywhere theres WiFi.

Investment Opportunities With Us

Start planning for your future by investing in an IRA or CD With San Tan.  Our IRA’s offer flexibility combined With safety maturity date allowing our members to achieve their short and long term retirement goals.  

Designed to meet the investment needs of our members, account that earns dividends from the date of deposit to the date of withdrawal, and still allows you to access your funds whenever you need it.  We also offer higher interest smart money accounts for our members looking for a secure place for your savings.

STCU Kids Club

San Tan CU offers accounts for  children up to 14 years start teaching kids about financial responsibility and smart saving and spending habits. That is why we offer extra incentives and prizes to encourage our younger members to save.

See an STCU member service rep for more information or bring your little one in to open a free kids account and start saving!

Additional Member Services

We accept direct deposit/ automatic withdraw!  You can even have monthly bills such as your telephone and utilities directly debited from your checking account.  We also have a free Notary Service for our members, cashiers checks and more!

Access your accounts 24 hours a day from thousands of STAR or CIRRUS ATM’s as well as any credit union ATM in the nation with no charge.  Even buy your groceries and receive cash back With your San Tan ATM or Visa debit card.